Why Rodent Control Is So Important To Public Health in Atlanta

In Atlanta, rodent control is sometimes seen as an ongoing effort. There are a large number of these creatures that function as household pests not only in the city of Atlanta but throughout Georgia.  By reading this article you can get the best information about best rodent control service.

They infect and destroy homes, destroy garden crops, and sometimes act as a common nuisance to the daily life of the bourgeois home.

Why Rodent Control Is So Important To Public Health in Atlanta

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In the 33rd largest city in the US, control of pests such as rats and rodents is a collective social problem. Even if these pests are common in stressed areas such as Five Points or near the subsurface, they have been known to reach higher areas in the Druid Hills.

Rodents are known to cause diseases such as Hantavirus lung syndrome (HPS) and leptospirosis. The disease is a problem for the Atlanta Department of Health because it can spread rapidly thanks to rodents' ability to dig and build tunnels that function in the walls and floors of homes.

Rats can migrate underground through ditches or caves that cut through urban blocks and even spread outside of suburban homes.

Worse, multiple canals can flow across the Chattahoochee River north of Atlanta and are a potential source of disease throughout Georgia. Mouse hair naturally acts as a magnet for droppings. When mice move, their fur can act like a brush spreading dirt and grime.

Progress has been made in Atlanta rat cleaning efforts with rodent control teams and has begun to find out how mice can stay hidden, as well as their cycles and behavior patterns.