Why Personalised Wedding Favours Are Unique?

Weddings are very special days, full of romance and goodwill, so why go with the usual wedding favors that don’t have the personality or unique appeal?

They might be functional and even decorative but they aren’t unique to the couple. If anyone deserves to be recognized and appreciated with personalised wedding favours when they get married, it is the wedding couple and their guests.

Wedding guests are thrilled to have moments that are unique. They can bring home these reminders of the weddings of special friends or family members.

Plus, there are so many selections that will elicit excited comments from guests on your wedding day. They won’t be the same old favours that people have seen at wedding after wedding and you’ll be seen as innovative and clever for choosing these select personalised wedding favours.

Bubbly champagne is a traditional drink at many weddings. So why not give a nod to tradition but with a bit of a twist? Miniature personalised wedding bottles can contain the name of the couple and date of the wedding.

They definitely grab attention and admiring questions like “Where did they find these?” You can decide whether to let them in on the secret or not. While custom made, they look like they cost two to three times more than they actually do.