What is a separation agreement in Ontario?

A separation agreement is a document that is written before or after adult interrelationships or married couples separate. Separation agreements include terms and clauses that relate to the details of the parties, such as assets, liabilities, and child support.

Separation agreements are therefore a comprehensive document that covers both the interests and directs them as to how they should proceed with their lives after the separation. In Ontario, most separated couples need a document to detail all aspects of their separation.

A separation settlement in Ontario must be legally signed by each party. Some circumstances do not call for a separation agreement before a divorce or separation. Experienced lawyers can help you determine if your situation requires a separation agreement.

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Here are some reasons to have a separation agreement before you finally split:

  • A separation agreement can act as a buffer between your past and future lives if it is done correctly. It helps to regulate the issues from your past and decreases the chance of them affecting your future happiness and relationship.
  • The separation Agreement covers critical aspects surrounding separation, such as the welfare of the children and who should have access to them. It also determines who will get child custody, how much access they should have from the non-custodial parent, who will pay child support, and how much.
  • A good Separation Agreement will ensure that your spousal arrangements remain in place while you live apart in the future. As you decide what is acceptable for your family, a good Separation Agreement will help guide you.
  • In Ontario, a team of family law experts can help you determine the right steps to take to protect your interests. Don't let your past failures and problems ruin your relationship now and in the future.