Ways To Clean The Coil In An Air Conditioner

Cleaning the coils on the air conditioner can increase the life of the air conditioner. The operating principle of the air conditioning system is based on heat energy from the inside to the outside air. The best residential fan coil in the air conditioner helps heat exchange. The winding types used in AC are as follows:

1. Winding capacitor

It is located on the outer part of the air conditioner and is made of aluminum. This coil covers the compressor and has a fixed fan inside which is responsible for moving air through the coil. The coils are easily damaged by dirt and dust from trees, plants, and shrubs.

2. Evaporator coil

At the junction of the main line of the air conditioner and above the stove, this type of coil is fixed. The coil is mainly responsible for changing the state of the refrigerant from a liquid to a gas. 

Simple steps to clean rolls:

1. Clean the condenser coil

Tools such as lawn shears, fin combs, levers, and coil cleaners are easy ways to clean windings.

  • Cut grass and tall plants as they restrict airflow to the coils.
  • Clean the coils with a coil cleaner, which is very effective.
  • Clean the blades with a soft brush to remove accumulated dirt.
  • Always align the condenser level device with the bearing and bracket horizontally.
  • Finally, replace all the distributed parts carefully.

2. Clean the evaporator coil

This coil must be cleaned once a year because it is not in direct contact with the dust of the outside world. Tools such as stiff brushes, screwdrivers, and hand mirrors can be used.