Various Reasons To Hire Office Plant In Sydney

Your office environment has a big impact on your productivity, stress levels, and creativity. If you’ve decided to give your office a bit of a revamp, you may have considered painting the walls a different color, investing in some ergonomic office furniture, and putting some inspiring artwork on display.

But have you thought about bringing some of the outdoors indoors with some indoor plants for the office? The benefits of office plant hire in Sydney are well documented and have been proven in several scientific studies.

1. Plants are Pretty:

Incorporating plants is an easy and beautiful way to style your office space. There are so many different types of plants that all have a unique style and come in rich shades of green. Mix and match the types of plants in your office and have fun displaying them in different stylish pots with fun colors and interesting shapes. 

2. Improved Productivity:

According to a study, the presence of plants in an office environment reduced workers' blood pressure and increases task completion speeds by 12%. Workers also reported that they felt more attentive when plants were present.

3. Clean Air:

Houseplants not only absorb carbon dioxide, but also other gasses such as benzene and formaldehyde (found in dish detergent and carpet cleaners). Office plants eliminate these indoor pollutants through photosynthesis, in turn, improving air quality.

4. Humanize Your Space:

Most office spaces lack the warmth of human touch. They tend to be bare, have neutral walls, and are visually cold. Your workspace should be a place where employees actually want to spend their time and should be set up to encourage behaviors that support your company’s mission.