US Companies Look to Grow Sales in Canada by Partnering With Canadian 3PL Warehouses

US companies that have been cautious with capital during the recession are banking on their growth prospects abroad. 

The Canadian consumer market provides a ready source for growing sales, and there are many good, political, cultural, and economic reasons why this makes sense.

Enterprise fulfillment companies have become very popular these days. These companies help you find the time to fulfill your business and life goals.



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Straight forward and common sense stuff, but executing profitable sales in another country is not the same as executing domestically.

The Distribution Challenge – Can US Retailers Grow Sales to Canada?

Given the proximity to Canada and the fact North American couriers (UPS, FedEx) operate cross-border – moving millions of packages daily between the two countries – you would think a US-based company can simply expand sales to Canada by simply shipping all sales cross-border, right? Not so fast.

When US companies fulfill Canadian sales and send them cross-border to Canada, they're subject to CBSA inspection, brokerage, duties, and taxes. 

Third-party logistics entails many portions of the supply and fulfillment chain and partnering with a Canadian warehousing and fulfillment partner can provide you a domestic physical presence in Canada where Canadian orders can be processed and fulfilled quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

If you're in retail (or e-commerce sales), consider that the Greater Toronto Area, and more broadly "Golden Horseshoe" area of Ontario puts you in the center of the Canadian populace – fully 8.75 million people live here.