Does Your Kid Suck Thumb? Get A Solution For It!

Babies are cute and adorable. However, sometimes they have some special quirks. This habit can be annoying. For example, some babies suck their thumbs. They find it very nice, but sadly not their parents! 

This, of course, is an issue you should discuss with the experienced thumb sucking teeth community. They can find the exact cause of the problem and offer appropriate treatment.

Is It The Right Way To Use Pacifiers To Solve This Problem?

Yes, this is the right way. If the child is given alternatives to thumb sucking, it reminds him or her to stop putting a finger in mouth. 

It's not difficult to break the habit. You need to try with your doctor's help as well.

You can also try other ways to distract him. Here are some useful and practical tips:

Is This The Right Age To Break The Habit? The drive is usually highest at age two. If you're already celebrating your second birthday, go ahead. This is a perfect time.

You need to divert as much attention as possible. Keep the baby busy with something. Games, puzzles, storybooks, etc.

Do not worry. There's no point scolding a baby for that. Be cold turkey.

You must always remember that you are not the only parent in the world facing this problem. This is a very common and treatable problem. Very cool! The habit gradually disappeared.