Checklist For Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic swimming pool covers are a great option for those who have backyard pools. These covers keep the pool free from leaves, twigs, and other debris, even when it isn't in use. 

These devices prevent water evaporation and retain heat, which can save you money on heating. Top automated pool covers can also be used as a safety measure to keep pets and small children away from the water. However, not all systems will work in the same way. 

These essential guidelines will help you take the mystery out of the buying process.

1. Choose between Electric or Hydraulic

While both hydraulic and electric automatic pool covers can be driven by electric motors alike, hydraulic pools have a few more complex parts. Hydraulic versions have more durable hoses and are therefore more expensive than their electric counterpart. The electric model might be best for consumers who are tight on budget.

2. A Built-in Cover Pump is an option

The water pump can drain any water that has accumulated on the cover's top. This feature will drain any accumulated water if you select a model. This feature eliminates the need to use an external pump or manual labor. Built-in pumps have a sensor that detects standing water and activates the pump accordingly. The pump will slide under the cover when it is pulled down.

3. Consider a Wireless Connection

Smart consumers might choose a system with a WiFi-enabled touchpad when looking at the latest technology. This innovative addition connects to your home WiFi network. This option allows users to receive notifications through their smartphones using an existing wireless connection.

Pool Heating – How A Solar Pool Cover Reduces Costs

A solar pool cover is also known as a solar blanket. This type of pool cover has proven to be a very economical and effective way to harness solar energy and high temperature your pool. You can also buy the best swimming pool solar covers through various online sources.

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Solar pool cover looks like giant bubble wrap; They are usually metallic, transparent, or blue in color. They are made up of numerous air pockets that use solar energy to heat your pool while sending all kinds of high temperatures that exist. 

This way, heat is absorbed into your pool water while preventing heat loss through evaporation. Due to this not-so-high temperature loss, you no longer need to control your pool heating system like you did before.

This type of solar pool cover can increase the water temperature by about 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning your pool heating bill will be reduced. 

The added advantage is that it minimizes evaporation, which means less chemical loss, which in turn can save money replacing pool connections.

Pool covers are available in various thicknesses. Choosing a thicker cover will cost more, but will save more energy. 

Wider coverage is clearly better for longer life, but also has a greater heat transfer component and greater efficiency. Standard pool covers are 8mm, 12mm, and 16mm thick.

Solar pools reduce pool heating and chemical costs with less water loss and longer swimming times. They are affordable and perfect for any pool lover.