When Should You Call A Professional Plumber In Fremont?

Oh, great, you think to yourself, another plumbing issue. Do I really need to contact a plumber again? The answer to this question is, well, it depends. For the most part, problems with your plumbing system are typically going to require affordable plumbing services intervention. 

Well, reading the following post is definitely a great place to start. 


This is one problem a lot of homeowners may think they can handle on their own, but that is not generally the right course of action! If you have a single clogged drain or your toilet is backed up, definitely feel free to try and plunge the clog loss. 

If you cannot get rid of it, or if drains throughout the house are clogged, then contact a professional plumber. Don’t rely on ineffective chemical drain cleaners—they just don’t produce lasting results.


There are few things as frustrating as trying to take a hot shower and being met with tepid water. If your hot water isn’t, well, hot, then check the thermostat on the tank. It may have been dialed down accidentally. 

If everyone in the house has showered and you’ve done the laundry and washed the dishes, then you may need to wait for your hot water tank to fill back up. If nothing of the sort has happened, then contact us because you could have a problem with your water heater requiring professional repairs.


  • You smell sewage on your property.

  • You hear water running when you’re not using any.

  • Toilets and drains are backing up into your home.

  • Your hot water tank is leaking.

  • Your yard is turning into a pond.