Elements Of PPE Equipments Used In Health Centers

The first aid kit for PPE should contain the following elements:

The highest level of respiratory protection with improved internal airflow control and shields with excellent optical and mechanical properties make this lightweight and universal face shield a real market leader in its class.

• Biological Hazard Spill Cleanup Disposable Packaging – Cleaning packs designed to limit and destroy infectious organisms from physical spills with medical-grade face shields.

• First Reaction Kit – standard content enough to accommodate up to 10 people.

• Micro Tape – Multifunctional paper tape that allows air to circulate to hold bandages and bandages that tear easily.

• Fit Bandage – For a secure, body-fitting bandage secured with tape or pins.

• Emergency Eye Wash – Sterile saline solution with eye pads and mirror.

• Burning bandages – used to relieve pain by cooling the burned area and preventing contamination.

• Layered plaster – lightweight, stretchy fabric plaster that provides cushioning and adhesion.

• Detected blue patches

• Disposable wipes – alcohol-free cleaning solution.

• First Aider Protection Package – Contains two disposable bags, two aprons, two resuscitators, two pairs of gloves, and two wipes.

• First aid kit – Contains burn-releasing bandages, waterproof parts tape, sterile gloves, foil blanket, mouth-to-mouth ventilator with valve, first aid kit, wet cleaning wipes, and various safety pins.

• Disposable Containers – Sharp containers with daily lids to open and close and permanently close when ready to throw away.