2 Tips For Making A Good Business Card

Business cards are industry-specific and individual to businesses within an industry, so the elements that make a card work for one business might detract from another. Let’s look at what makes a good business card for your business.

1. Choose the Right Style of Card

Organization cards online can be cute, serious, clever, irreverent, or any number of qualities. When deciding what makes a good business card, it’s important to choose the right tone to represent your type of business.

For example, a neon green card would be inappropriate for a lawyer or engineer, yet a serious black-and-white embossed card would not project the vibe an artist needs to emphasize their uniqueness and creativity.

Think about the nature of your business when designing your card. Choose simple, traditional designs for businesses that deal with money, legal matters, or must inspire customer trust, like doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

2. Think About Size

Standard business cards are 85mm x 55mm and work well for most applications.

However, you can also choose from scaled-down versions that are 85mm x 42mm or even square ones at 55mm x 55mm for a real stand-out presentation without being garish.

While odd-sized cards are attention-getters, you should think carefully before using them. If your business card is hard to handle or store, it might end up being thrown away.

On the other hand, some odd-sized cards get pride of place due to their unique design. If you’re not sure which size to go with, consider performing a customer survey in advance of designing your cards.

This will help you gauge customer reaction and keep you from making what could be a serious design mistake.