Why Choose to Self Publish Your Book

Are you a nascent author wanting to self-publish your very own book? If so, that's brilliant news! Self-publishing is now more affordable and accessible than ever with plenty of companies willing to help you get your book to market. You may think that the process will be long and painful, you're your bank balance could face a huge hit.

Actually, self publishing book does not have to cost the earth and it's a much quicker process than many authors think. If you've been rejected by a mainstream publishing company or just want to see your book in print, take the plunge to enquire about how to self publish your book, and get started!

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Major Benefits


The great thing about choosing to self-publish your book is that the author retains complete control of the planning, editing, publishing, and marketing process, with the help of a professional publisher of course. The author gets to decide on the book format, how the cover should look, and any other major decisions.

Retain Rights

As the author, you retain all the rights including foreign-language rights, e-book rights, movie rights, television rights, etc. It is important to check with the company that you can terminate your agreement at any time.

More Royalties

You will receive larger royalties on your book sales when you choose to self-publish. These royalties ensure that you, as the author, receive the majority of royalty profit.

Print on Demand 

Authors that choose the self-publishing route no longer have to order large quantities of their books, find somewhere to store them, and worry about shifting them. Print-on-demand technology allows books to be produced as someone buys them, meaning you can save costs, time, and space.