Types Of EV Chargers

There are three charging levels available to EV owners: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

Level 1: Trickle charging

Stage 1 wiring is usually standard with every new electric vehicle and uses a standard socket to power your car, just like you would with a cell phone. However, the amount of "juice" available from a standard plug is limited, so charging speeds are slow (often around 4 miles per hour charging, or 30 miles per night).

People who travel short distances can often only get by with Level 1 chargers, especially if they have a nearby office charger or supermarket available for occasional charging.

Stage 2: Charging at home

Level 2 chargers require professional installation and use a special 240V circuit (like a clothes dryer) to push electrons into the car battery faster than a standard wall outlet. You can easily install the level 2 charging station with the help of professionals.

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Level 2 chargers can provide a charging range of up to 25 miles per hour or a range of over 200 miles per night. The exact hourly range depends on the power rating of the charger itself and the power of your car.

People who have more demanding commutes or don't want to feel like they're barely making ends meet on a 25-mile-a-night budget install a Level 2 charger in their garage or driveway.

Level 3: Technical improvements for fast DC charging

These aren't chargers you plug in at home, but chargers you can find at specialty charging stations, grocery stores, and other public places (installing one at home would be too expensive). If you're taking long trips or don't live where you can plug in a charger at home, you might want to consider an electric vehicle with DC fast charging technology.