All About Laminate For kitchen Cabinets

The cabinet is one of the most important elements of a modular kitchen as it not only determines the aesthetics of your kitchen, but also plays an important role in determining the accessibility and arrangement of your kitchen items. 

With kitchen cabinets you can choose from a variety of surfacing coverings, e.g. Laminates, acrylics, membrane films and polymers, where lamination is the safest choice for several reasons. 

Laminate is a decorative finishing material that is glued to the top of a plinth, such as plywood, MDF, or particleboard, to create a stylish wardrobe. Woodmica laminate  is a very good choice for cabinets for kitchen, wardrobe and for furniture as well.

laminate sheet for wood,

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What is lamination?

Made by pressing a thin layer of flat paper and plastic resin, laminate is a synthetic composite material widely used in modular kitchen cabinets. The top layer is printed with decorative patterns or colors.

The laminates used in kitchen cabinets are pressed by automatic machines in high pressure plants. Laminate is a durable, low maintenance, easy-to-use surface finish option available in two versions. high pressure and low pressure.

The advantages of lamination

Scratch Resistant: Laminates can withstand scratches caused by objects that are harder than the laminate itself 

Dimensional stability: High quality laminates are suitable for all climates and environments and can easily expand and contract. 

Wear and tear and durability. Laminates are also moisture and heat resistant and can be treated with antibacterial properties.

Resistant to durability: From coffee and wine to saffron and sauces, laminates can withstand stains and are even easy to care for. 

Surface wear resistance: Hard laminate looks good. They can withstand gradual erosion from mechanical, physical, and even chemical exposure.