Camping In Fraser Island And The Fraser Coast

Fraser Island is called K’ gari by the aboriginal people who have lived in the area for over 5500 years. The term "paradise" is a reference to paradise and is packed with aboriginal culture. Fraser Island has evolved over the course of over 80 million years and is a unique environment where rainforests thrive on the beaches. It is the best to place for camping.

This Island, is a natural world heritage island which is the largest undisturbed landmass or Sand island, in the world. It lies on the Fraser Coast and is just a three hour drive north of Brisbane the capital of Queensland. K’gari Fraser Island camping site is so beautiful. You can enjoy its natural beauty with your family and friends while camping.

Fraser Island stretches over 123 kilometers and is about 22 km wide, which covers an area of around 184,000 acres. It is an incredible natural wonder. An amazing island with long, unbroken, white sandy beaches, breathtakingly colored sand cliffs, and more than 100 crystal clear, clean waters, several so transparent that their white sands stand out as the main attraction. 

The old rainforests thrive in sand along the banks of clear , fresh streams of water, which are cleansed by sand, with pure water and delicious in taste. Sand Island is one of the few in the world with immense rainforests growing in sand dunes that are over 200 meters high and the heaths that are found in the lower land are important for the ecology and display stunning floral displays during spring and summer.