Know Separation Anxiety Dogs Best Training In UK

Dog separation anxiety affects 10% to 15% of dogs. This can be a very serious condition and may require extensive treatment. Dog-owners may have to employ professional trainers to help their pet with separation anxiety symptoms. 

In rarer cases, owners have had to surrender their pets to shelters due to their inability to handle the situation. Dogs separation anxiety can be fixed and cured. However, it will take patience, time and effort.


Dog separation anxiety can manifest as a constant whimpering, gnawing and chewing on furniture, anxiety about urination, diarrhea, nervousness and excessive barking. Dog separation anxiety can be very distressing for the owner. 

If the owner doesn't understand the situation, the dog may mistakenly think that the dog is rebelling. Sometimes, separation anxiety is caused by a dog who has been abused or has to be kept in a shelter or shop for a long time. 

Sometimes, separation anxiety can be caused by dogs living with dogs they consider their "pack". Even if they are only separated for a few hours a day, separation anxiety is more common in dogs who live with other dogs.

To help your pet get over his anxiousness, it is important to teach him to accept your departure. You can do this by pretending you are leaving. Get your keys and put on your shoes, coat, makeup, etc. Your dog will learn to trust you by practicing the above technique several times a day. 

Your pet will eventually forget all of his anxiety and get used to the idea that you are leaving. Your pup may still experience separation anxiety after a few months.