Legit Ways to Earn Free Riot Points

Method 1 – Reward Winning Sites

There are companies that allow you to earn points and redeem riot gift cards by playing other games. You can earn free riot points by simply registering and trying out new games through their website. These alone will give you 52 points in total. The rest of the points will require you to check out other games. 

They have a wide range of games for you to play, but mostly MMO games. You have to register a new account of the game you choose through these websites. Most of the games you register and play will net you 600+ pts. You need to register and play about 3 games or more to earn enough points for 650 RP. Obviously, it will take time to earn them, but it will be worth it. All the games have a 3 step process to earn points. So take advantage of that.

Method 2 – Make YouTube Videos

If you have interest in creating and editing videos, then you can do this to earn money and subsequently pay for your League of Legends RP. YouTube has a special program. Anyone that uploads videos to their platform and follow their content guidelines and policies will be able to earn money from their ad revenue system. 

They share ad revenue with you. I am not entirely sure about the percentage, but it is right around the 50-60% mark. As for how much you can earn for views generate will depend on how much advertisers are willing to pay. One can expect $0.50 to $1.50 per 1000 views. I personally average 33 cents per 1000 views, which is way under the average.