Dog Clothes And Animal Safety

Owners of dogs, particularly small dogs, have enjoyed dressing them up for years.  In some cases, practice is done to ensure the comfort of dogs in bad weather. In other cases, this is more a hobby and small dogs become fashionistas in their own right. No matter what the reason you have for dressing your canine in dog clothes, there are some guidelines you should follow.


Dog clothes, whether it is intended as protective clothing or as a fashion statement, must be convenient for dogs. There is a wide variety of dog coats and clothing available on the market that you can opt for this winter season. However, the clothes should not restrict movement in any way.  Clothes that are too snug can hinder breathing. They are also binding and your pet will try to remove them by wriggling, scratching and chewing if necessary.

Loose clothes can also be problematic. Garments that hang loosely can allow the dog's legs to come out of sleeves or leg holes. They can become tangled, causing them to fall or get hurt. It is possible the garment could shift enough that the animal could be strangled either by the clothes themselves or when the clothes become caught on something else.


Years ago dog clothes were limited to simple coats or sweaters. These are still popular, especially in climates with extreme cold. Dogs with thin coats or that aren't found naturally in these climates might benefit greatly from the added safety a coat or sweater provides. Your pet can even take advantage of footwear to protect his pads when out for his constitutional walks.