DJI announced the FPV on the 2nd of March. The latest technology in drones offers the user more options to experiment with the possibilities of aerial video production. 

Alongside technological advances, certain designs have been updated to maximize the potential of your ideas. Select something different to create a significant impact. Include the DJI FPV equipment in the camera bag to see how it's easy to create stunning cinematic images. You can also buy DJI FPV lenses from online sources.


  • Works with DJI FPV

  • Utilizes SCHOTT glass to create high-definition images

  • Water, oil, and scratch-resistant

  • Reduces exposure and color shifts without shifting colors

  • It is easy to remove

  • Ultra-light yet robust

Creative photographers employ ND filters to reduce any light coming into their cameras by reducing shutter speeds in order to achieve the best exposure. They also assist in inspiring the photographer while creating artistic aerial videos.

With the addition of a blur effect, ND filters permit you to make use of long exposure times to produce stunning video footage that is smooth and buttery water as you fly across rivers. This optical glass can create HD images regardless of the circumstances of the flight.

Additionally, you can make use of ND filters to achieve the proper exposure to photograph moving vehicles as well as produce nighttime light trails. The ultra-light filter won't interfere with your drone or Gimbal.