Top Data Center Colocation Considerations

Companies that decide between running an internal data center and renting an external server have a third option – colocation. Collocation center solutions offer professional server space to accommodate your own devices. 

However, not all data centers are created equal. When looking for a data center in Raleigh, it is important to evaluate candidates based on the main evaluation points.

Access to servers is critical, and even a brief interruption can cost a lot of money. Many colocation center providers offer their customers a 100 percent performance guarantee and are nothing less than acceptable in today's environment.

A reliable network connection is essential for full access. Colocation centers use multiple ISPs and multiple WAN links to build a reliable network that remains operational even with heavy network traffic or physical damage to links.

Software changes can cause downtime. Administrators regularly change server configurations, install security patches, or update software. If these tasks are performed incorrectly, they will lead to system failure. 

Data centers are under the control of utility companies. Interruptions and interruptions can cause unexpected server shutdowns, resulting in crashes and data corruption. 

The colocation center uses an on-site generator to keep devices running during extended power outages. Many generators make the power supply more reliable. Generator purchase and maintenance are not available to most companies, so internal data centers are always at risk of power outages.

Data centers use both software and hardware to protect systems from network intrusion or malware, but the best protections are also the most expensive and inaccessible to many businesses. Collocation centers use economies of scale to provide the most efficient applications.