Need Of Dental Services In Sports In Atwell

The mission of sports dentistry is the simple treatment and prevention of sports injuries to the mouth and face and other related diseases of the oral cavity. In sports and health, the biggest challenge is maximizing the benefits of real participation while reducing the risk of injury. 

Sports dentistry has a strong focus on prevention, and much of it is done through regular screening and examinations. These visits allow the dentist to assess the athlete's overall oral health. Dentists look for signs of decay, gum disease, temporomandibular joint disease, conditions for previous restorative procedures, and more. 

Due to the high risk of stroke injury, dental treatment for athletes is important to keep the teeth healthy. The dentist will also look for common signs of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. This disease is very common in young athletes and leaves a clear erosional pattern on the tooth surface.

sports dentistry

A variety of custom-made mouthguards are provided by dentists in Atwell in order to protect the athletes teeths from injuries.These type of mouthguards are made of thermoplastic which is then placed in boiling water to be reheated and athletes bite from a semi-warm material that confirms to the structure of the teeth and gums.

Personalized mouthguards are made of acrylic with an inner layer made of a soft material for comfort, but an outer layer made of a harder acrylic for protection. There are also performance-enhancing mouthguards that protect the jaw.

Educating athletes about basic or oral care, as well as proper use of safety equipment and playing games safely is very important. If you are suffering from any kind of sports injury then visit the best dental clinic in Atwell today.