All About Polished Concrete Floors In NZ

Polished concrete floors can turn what is a high maintenance surface that absorbs grease, liquids and grime, into a surface that stays clean and shiny without cracking or crumbling. The benefits can be applied to many different areas with a diverse amount of uses including:

  • Manufacturing. Polished concrete floors in NZ can resist grease and oil and heavy foot traffic.
  • Warehouses. Skid marks from lifts are easily removed and increased light level means better visibility and better safety.
  • Food Processing. Resistant to spills of all kinds and high pressure hose downs. Able to withstand extremes in temperatures with no effect.

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  • Retail. An attractive surface that can withstand the constant flow of shopping cart, low lift and foot traffic. Resistant to tracked-in dirt, water and mud.
  • Repair and maintenance shops. Easily cleaned and durable. Will not chip or crack easily from impact.
  • Hangars and garages. Can tolerate heavy vehicular traffic and will not absorb oil and fuel spills.
  • Commercial buildings and hotels. Certain mixes of aggregates when polished will rival expensive granite in aesthetic quality for a much lower cost, greater durability and less maintenance.
  • Institutions. An excellent choice for schools, hospitals and penal institutions.

Polished concrete floors can be an excellent green floor choice for virtually any commercial and even some residential situations. An old cement floor, regardless of cleanliness and condition, can be almost magically transformed into a handsome, shiny surface with tiny pieces of stone that in many cases actually sparkle. 

For new construction many different mixes are available to determine the final look of the finished surface. In new installations color may even be added to the mix. 

The benefits are many and the limitations are few, making polished concrete the material of choice for many architects, building owners, developers and designers. Low maintenance, beauty, durability and energy efficiency add up to the perfect solution for today's demanding indoor environments.

If polished concrete floors are being considered for your building, be sure to seek out a contractor who has all the extensive training required to perform the task with the specialized skill that is required. This is not a procedure to be done by an inexperienced company. It requires not only training but expensive equipment that is used specifically for this type of surface.