How Complex Wound Management Works?

One of the most common injuries in the United States is a cut, and while they can be treated with simple first-aid measures, more complex cases may require assistance from a medical professional. Here's a look at how complex wound management works.

When treating a cut on an adult, the goal is to stop the bleeding as quickly as possible. To do this, the doctor or nurse will often use direct pressure on the wound to prevent blood from clotting and to control the bleeding. 

This is usually done by pressing down on the wound with one hand and using the other hand to apply pressure to nearby veins. If necessary, a tourniquet can also be used to help reduce bleeding. You can also look for the community nursing care services via online sources.

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In more serious cases, such as wounds that have lost a significant amount of blood or ones that are infected, antibiotics may need to be given before further treatment can begin. Once the bleeding has been controlled, a dressing should be applied to keep bacteria and other debris away from the wound. If needed, a bandage may also be used.

If an infection develops in a wound, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible because antibiotics may not be able to treat it effectively.