Why Pear Shaped Engagement Rings Are Becoming More Popular?

Years ago, pear-shaped engagement rings were almost unheard of. Nowadays, more and more brides and grooms are choosing the pear shape because of its different twist. They love the shape and they love the fact that most of them are solitary.

The pear shape is also known as a drop or pendula. The top of the diamond is round and wider, while the bottom is tapered. The true shape of a pear is known for its 58 sides, or cuts, which make it shiny and luminous. You can  easily buy the best pear shaped halo engagement ring at https://www.luxegemmes.com/collections/halo at a very affordable budget. 

There are many different types of pear rings, but the most popular is solitaire. This is the style that best shows its shape. Most of these diamonds are placed perpendicular to the ring itself. There are some jewelers that make unique arrangements that place the pear opposite.

Another popular style is the cluster. The pear diamond is in the center, with small round diamonds clustered around it. Some have a bulb in the center with a metal design around it. They tend to accentuate the pear without compromising on its beauty.

The most important thing is to find a quality pear-shaped diamond. Notice the symmetry. Pears should be cut evenly on both sides to the ends. The tip should be sharp, but make sure it's placed against the V-shaped tooth so the tip doesn't fall off. If a diamond is very large, it must have six teeth. Make sure the diamond itself has the four characteristics of good quality – cut, color, grade and clarity.

One of the best things about pear shaped engagement rings is that the pear shape can be found in other types of jewelry. Items such as pear-shaped earrings or necklaces where the center stone is a pear-shaped diamond can make great gifts for future anniversaries. Often gemstones are cut into the same pear shape as a small diamond.