How Botox Works For Chronic Pain In Honolulu?

Botulinum toxin is an extensively utilized injection treatment for a variety of chronic ailments. Botox is an isolated protein that is extracted from the Botulinum toxin. It helps to relax overactive and painful muscles.

Botox treatments are more commonly appreciated for their effects on wrinkles as well as cosmetic treatments, but botox therapy for chronic pain provides positive results. You can get the treatment of botox in Honolulu via


Botox injections are administered directly to the muscles affected.

If you're not happy with the results of your conventional treatments for your medical problem that causes pain and you're considering botox treatment to treat chronic pain, then inform your doctor about the medications you're currently taking.

The doctor might ask you to take off certain medications for a couple of days before the botox treatment to treat your chronic pain to reduce any potential adverse negative effects.

It is also possible to be told to refrain from taking alcohol in the first couple of days, or even for up to two weeks before the procedure as drinking alcohol can increase the risk of bleeding around the site of injection.

Be aware that rubbing or massaging the area of injection for at least 24 hours following having botox treatment can be harmful as you could spread the injection substance to unintentionally affected areas, where it could cause adverse negative effects.

In the case of chronic muscle spasm, it is treated by injecting the botulinum toxins directly into the muscle affected. The symptoms of pain you've suffered are also reduced. The adverse effects that are associated with systemic treatments for chronic pain can be kept at bay.