Light Therapy Benefits For Your Spa Clients

If you're still not offering light therapy to your clients, you need to start! It is a staple in the spa world with multiple skincare benefits for your clients. With the right professional skincare products, you can incorporate light therapy into your spa offering.

Type of LED light therapy: 

There are many types of LED-light therapy — some use UV light to treat skin conditions and mood disorders, others are alternative treatments that are believed to relieve pain and discomfort — but such treatments are used beyond mineral springs.

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In spas, light therapy involves using LEDs to provide anti-aging benefits to the skin.

Benefits of light therapy

There are many benefits of light therapy that can enhance your clients' spa experience. It is the perfect complement to facials and other spa offerings. This benefit is provided by assigning a specific wavelength based on the desired result. Photoreceptors in the skin are specifically activated. These photoreceptors respond to different wavelengths and can help repair your client's skin.

It is an FDA-approved instrument that provides yellow, red, and infrared light in four wavelengths. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, especially the periorbital line around the eyes. It also helps reduce redness of the skin, making it ideal for use after procedures such as exfoliation and microdermabrasion. The larger maintenance chapter of this tool shortens treatment time, so you can get results from your clients in less time.

But what really sets red light machine apart is their unique power. Device is 60% more powerful than any other device on the market. This means more effective aging treatments.