In Gaming – Virtual Reality V/s Augmented Reality

The world has seen a massive boom in the digital sector in the past decade. The effects of which can be seen in almost every small and big sector today.

The gaming world, especially, has seen a drastic change since the enhancement of Virtual and Augmented Reality mediums. Things that were not even imaginable few years back, can now very well be seen, heard and felt. You can also get more information about Augmented Reality by clicking at

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What is Virtual Reality?

VR is an artificial environment created through programmes that suspend reality within a given time and space framework. VR uses peripheral devices such as VR headsets to immerse the users in a computer-generated virtual environment. They can virtually enter a real-looking environment and have sensory experiences.

The users can even control their virtual surroundings in many games that allow such freedom to enhance their experience. Most VR headsets need to be connected to a Computer or a gaming console like PlayStation. There are 360-degree videos as well that provide an immersive experience to the user.

What is Augmented Reality?

Though the aim of both AR and VR is to merge the gap between the real world and the virtual, AR takes on a different path to do that. In AR, the real world is 'augmented' or enhanced to a virtually mixed world. In other words, digital content is added to the real environment to make users experience the interaction of both the worlds.

AR has completely transformed how humans have always perceived reality. It has widened the nature and scope of virtual gaming.