How to Quickly Find the Value of Commercial Properties for Sale

The value of the commercial property for sale is determined using some simple formulas based on the property's annual operating income. So when looking for commercial properties to sell, the first thing you should ask an agent is an income statement. You can look for the best commercial property agent in Dakar Senegal via

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Some brokers who have commercial property for sale may refer to this income statement as an iPod or an income statement. Once you have your iPod or income statement, you can compare the information provided by the dealer or seller with your other sources to determine the true figures.

The challenge in examining commercial property for sale is that agents and/or owners often tend to overstate the income from commercial properties for sale while trying to minimize the total reported operating expenses.

The reason to determine the value of the property for sale is simple. The value of the commercial property is based on the amount of operating income the property generates annually.

Note that this additional net income can come from receiving additional rental income or from receiving additional rental income, from reducing costs to managing the property more efficiently. You need to understand that commercial property owners tend to use unrealistic numbers to get a higher price on their property.