How to Install Posts

Installing posts in a steel framing system is not difficult, but there are a few guidelines that should be followed to ensure a proper installation. First, make sure the posts are the correct size for your frame. Second, use the appropriate fastening methods to secure the posts in place. Finally, check for any signs of post warping or distortion after installation.

Types of Posts

1.Steel Posts for Garden Structures

2.Choosing the Right Size of Post for Your Needs

3.Post Installation Tips

Steel Post Sizes

The choice of steel post sizes is important when choosing a railing system. Here are some tips to help you choose the right size:

1. Determine the desired railing height. The taller the railing, the larger the steel post size needs to be.

2. Calculate how much support the post will need. For posts that will not be supporting heavy items, a smaller diameter post will work better than a larger one..

3. Consider your overall design. A wider railing with smaller posts looks neater than a narrower railing with larger posts.

How to Sleeve Posts

Sleeve your posts for a neater appearance. This is a simple  way to improve the look of your fence.

1) Measure the distance between the opposing posts and subtract 1 inch. 

2) Cut a piece of rebar or pipe that is that length and width. 

3) Glue the pipe to one post, making sure it is straight. 

4) Clamp the pipe in place.