How long will my non-slip coatings last?

Whenever someone thinks of getting non-slip coating at their place the first question that arises in their mind is, How long will an anti-skid coating last? So to your answer, I would say that it depends upon the ratio of foot traffic. If you get anti-skid coating at a public place it will last for 2-3 years. 

The life of a non-slip coating can be higher at a private place or home. The best thing about the coating is that it will not just suddenly make your floor slippery. It will fade away slowly and will give you time to get the coating again. The lifespan of coating also depends upon the anti-skid coating material so choose it wisely. 

Metallic epoxy floor coating with satin non slip finish by Sierra ...

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After the lifespan, let’s discuss the importance of having non-slip coating at a workplace. We all know that it is important to provide a healthy and safe work environment to the employees. If you do not provide a safe and secure work environment then there are chances that you may lose your license. 

The non-slip coating is a big step to provide your employees with safer floors. Most of the injuries that arise in the office premises are due to slippery floors. It is because when a person slips they do not have any control over their body. They can badly hurt themselves as well as others. This is the main reason for considering a non-slip coating at the workplace