Four Things To Look Before Buying Your Retractable Awnings In Tucson

Get the right size. Retractable awnings vary in size, from widths of eight feet up all the way up to 25 feet. The size you'll choose will ultimately depend on the amount of space you need it to shade. 

It's a good idea to plan ahead and think about what kind of activities you'll want to do in the shaded area, while also leaving enough space to enjoy some uninterrupted sunshine on another part of the patio or deck from time to time.

Consider the retraction mechanism. You can either manual or motorized retractable Tucson awnings and screens. The former is more cost-effective, but you'll have to physically open and close the awning with a crank. 


The latter, however, allows for convenient, effortless operation. Motorized retractable awnings also come with wind sensors, which automatically draw in the canopy to protect it from high wind speeds and rainfall.

Expect initial costs to be a little steep. Given the many features of retractable awnings, you might find them costlier than other shading options. Their convenience, customization, and efficiency, however, more than makes up for the initial costs. This allows for significant savings over time.

Think about maintenance requirements. The amount of maintenance required for retractable awnings will depend on their mechanism. Motorized awnings, for example, have more breakable parts that may need eventually need to be repaired or replaced. 

On the other hand, manually operated awnings are more prone to weather damage because they don't retract automatically, so you'll have to be sure not to forget to draw them in. Cleaning the canopy fabric to prevent mold and other issues is also required.