Fear of Flying – Symptoms, Medical Issues, And Treatment

Flying is the fastest and most reliable way to travel. According to statistics, there are more car-related accidents than airplane-related ones. But this fact does not make some people experience the fear of flying.

People who suffer from this fear of flying usually experience a feeling of fear every time they get on an airplane. To make matters worse, confined space and elevation will certainly trigger some level of panic. People who are scared of flying usually show signs of visible stress such as heartburn, dizziness, shaking, and sweating.

Fear of Flying

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It is challenging to overcome this irrational fear of flying. You can try to learn about flying first. For starters, airplanes today are built with safety features that will begin in cases of faulty mechanisms. Pilots are well trained to deal with emergencies and can always be relied upon to make the right decisions during unexpected situations.

Relaxation techniques before your flight will also help. You should try to take deep breaths to slow down your heart rate as well as relax your muscles. It will also help to relieve stress. Listening to music or watching an in-flight movie can also help distract you from activities inside the plane.

If all this information has not yet helped you, your fear of flying maybe a little more serious. You should consider alternative treatments to help overcome your fear. The doctor will uncover the cause of your fear and help you cope with it. You should take some time before you actually see some improvement, especially if your fear is too intense