Calf Health: Know Whats Vital And Profitable

Since smart calf rearing results in the benefits of healthy profits on-farm, it is important to ensure that healthy calves remain a top priority. Building immunity and growth rates should be the top priority of farmers. 

But how can farmers ensure that calves are on the right track and what factors need to be considered for calves to grow into productive and well performing animals? Here you can find out the best calf additive for health & growth at Feedworks

calf health

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Calf housing management is an important point, especially in the first few weeks. It is much more important how calf care is managed than the type of cage used so that clean and hygienic bedding and accommodation have a positive impact in the short and long term. 

Things like cleanliness and ventilation are major factors in getting proper care. In this article , some main areas highlighted are critical to building strong, healthy, and well-functioning animals.

Colostrum – Colostrum is often referred to as "liquid gold" for its many health benefits. New-born calves have no immunity against disease; therefore, colostrum management should emphasize livestock disease control and reduce the risk of disease development. 

Colostrum Diet Guidelines:

Fast – Colostrum must be fed quickly and as quickly as possible – within 6 hours after the calf is born for immunity to be transferred to the calf.

Quantity – 3 to 4 liters should be started within the first 6 hours after delivery and then should be increased as soon as possible. In terms of energy requirements, it is important to achieve growth of 0.8 kg per day.