A History of Food Delivery Services

Over sixty years have passed since the inception of food delivery services. Food delivery services have maintained the same principle of providing hot, delicious, and enjoyable meals to their customers.

It is believed that the first food delivery service for meals was established in London during World War II. Many Londoners lost their homes and their ability to cook for themselves after the Blitz. WVS (Women's Volunteer Service), created meals and delivered them directly to those who had almost lost everything.

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Volunteers from the surrounding area provided meals for injured servicemen in different parts of the UK. In 1947, Hemel Hempstead was home to the first food delivery service. The recipients were servicemen still unable to cook their meals, so instead of using vans to transport the meals, these early services used prams lined with felt and straw to ensure the food was warm.

This type of service required a large network of volunteers with excellent cooking skills and knowledge. The processes used today incorporate mass production principles.

There are many ways that food delivery services work. Agency-led programs are often run in partnership with local councils to serve the local population. Private services are available for people who want to receive food delivery, but not all criteria.

Modern times offer many different delivery options. Some programs deliver meals that have been prepared in advance and kept warm until they reach their destination.

Many food delivery companies cater to the needs of seniors, disabled people, and those with special dietary restrictions.