Spotlight Effect with Photoshop

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to add a spotlight effect to an image in Photoshop. I use this effect a lot when making ads for magazines, and making web banners.

To begin with, you do need to know the basics of Photoshop and be able to navigate freely. This is not a hard effect to do by any means, but it just helps if you have some knowledge of Photoshop before you start.

So, let’s begin with the Spotlight Effect with Photoshop.

Step One. First, choose your image that you want to add a spotlight effect to. If this is your first attempt, I would choose an image of a product or something sort of basic with a black background.

Step Two. Once you have your image open in photoshop, the first thing that you need to do is to add a new layer just above your background layer. I have two layers to start out with (one of a black background, and one of my product). You may have just one layer, so if I were you, I would try to separate the two so that you have a colored background and a layer of your product.

Step Three. On your new blank layer, you need to fill that layer with 50% Gray. You can do that by going to the Edit menu and going down to Fill. Choose 50% Gray as your option and click OK.

Step Four. Now you need to run the lighting effect by going to the Filter menu, down to Render, and selecting Lighting Effects.

Step Five. Now with the Lighting Effects window open, change your Style to Flood Light, and using the preview on the left side of the window, move it straight up so that it is at the top of the box just so that the top goes above the page just a little. Also take the Intensity slider up to around 50. Now you can click OK on in the window.

Step Six. You will see that you now have a rough spotlight effect on your image. Next, run the levels command by pressing Ctrl+L on the keyboard.

Step Seven. Using the first eyedropper tool ion the Levels window, click in the darker gray area (not quite black) once to set the black point. This will give the spotlight a little more contrast. Now click OK on the Levels window.

Step Eight. Now the only thing that you need to finish it is to add some text to suit your image if you want, and you are done.