Resources for Photoshop Brushes on the Internet

Photoshop brushes are incredible tools for various purposes. The most basic brushes on Photoshop, such as the history brush or paint brush, can help you with numerous types of graphic design and editing tasks with your project. However, there are a number of third-party plug-ins that offer many other types of stylistic choices.

A simple Google search with the terms, “Photoshop brushes” will render you some excellent results. Some of these brushes are available completely free, while others are offered for purchase.

My first Google result was a site called Brusheezy. It’s slogan reads, “Stupid name. Cool brushes.” And they are right. They offer many different types of free brushes such as the grunge brush, which has the effect of a faded text on cement look. Others include the splatter brush and the lace brush. They can be found at

Another site worth noting is This website also offers free Photoshop brushes that are available for download.

The web is full of resources when it comes to Photoshop tools, particularly brushes. New ones are literally being developed every day. There are other ways to find these tools, besides Google.

Blogs are a useful resource, as many creative professionals now have their own blogs and update them frequently. In my searching, I found one particularly useful from Elite By Design.

Another incredible and valuable source of information comes from Adobe. Adobe’s website is full of useful tutorials and resources. They provide links to third-party distributors and offer their own products as well. They have a good resource for brushes too. Just check out Photoshop Support.

If you’re not familiar with forums, try checking them out online. Many forums offer advice, resources and links to provide people with the best possible information and tools the internet has to offer.

Another great website to check out is They have professional writers on staff to write about every topic imaginable, including graphics software. Most of the links that they provide are for Sue’s Brushes. The brushes were created by Sue Chastain, staff writer.

In addition to, there are sites like and others that have great advice from professionals in the graphics industry. They provide some very good advice to those seeking brushes and other tools.

Another way to obtain brushes for Photoshop is to create them yourself. This is only recommended for experienced developers of course. A good resource for this is Bittbox. There is a wonderful article on creating brushes in there.

Another really great website to look into is Easy Elements. This website is great for artists and professionals seeking help in graphic design, as it has great tutorials and advice articles.