Photoshoping Pictures Can Have Negative Effects

It is not a mystery when it comes to photos for magazines that they are retouched to make celebrities look better or what they call better, then showing them in a natural light. Tyra Banks was one to admit that on Americas Next Top model that they had retouched the pictures of the contestants and even had a part on her talk show that she had shown the pictures that were not retouched and the ones that were because someone had made an error and released the wrong ones. Just recently his has shown again in the media that there was something wrong Demi Moore who was featured on the front page of W Magazine apparently missing part of her left hip and then again Emma Watson known for her role in Harry Potter was featured in a Blueberry ad with her brother, only to have part of her leg missing all the way up to her thigh. The fact remains that these little accidents can have a negative effect on women.

When seeing ads of girls that have rail thin bodies, you get an unrealistic idea of what your body is supposed to look like. This is what causes so many people to have eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia in the world today, they see something and it causes them to think that their body is not good enough. For someone with an eating disorder it is hard enough for them to ever think that they are thin, instead, they look at the magazines and television as a way to judge how their bodies should look. This only reinforces their bad eating habits to the point where it becomes unhealthy and even can cause death. We already as a society make judgments on people based on their weight as if someone is 160 pounds is called fat, how can that be? Maybe it is due to the fact that people are photoshopped into magazines as if they have no curves and weigh 80 pounds, this is just unrealistic but some people base their thoughts on what they see. The companies that do these things should really put out of business, but with so many people self-conscious about how they look this may never happen. People need to learn how to stand up for themselves and say this is the person that I am and I am going to be proud of it and not second guess their thoughts. No one has the perfect bodies and we all have our flaws, even celebrities.

Examples Of PhotoShoping:

Emma Watson Blueberry Ad

Demi Moore W Magazine Cover

Kim Kardashian Edit Mistake

Remember that nothing is real in the world of celebrities and that this is not the way a real person looks. Women have curves that they are not the bean poles that you see on the Magazine covers. No one should ever take into account that this is how anyone should really look. Until the Magazine Companies figure out that this type of thing can have a mind altering the effect of people there will be a steady incline of eating disorders in the world.