Photoshop Tutorial : Photoshop Cs Text Orientation Option

Text Orientation Option in Photoshop

We all know the type tool in Photoshop, it has many cool options and settings attributes,
But as we go along with all these options we will find that there is one feature we really like and don’t use very often, this feature is the Orientation option.
We will know all about it today, let’s start

Phase 1:
1. Open a new document. “Ex:400px*400px document with white background”.
(Just one thing you need to do, make sure that your document is large enough to let you handle the text after applying orientation)
2. Select the type Tool (T) from Photoshop toolbar.
3. Customize your Text parameters in the Options bar, I used an 18px sized font as shown in capture image attached.
4. Type your phrase now.

If you are not aware, is that the default text orientation is Horizontal. The other option is available via the Toolbar fly out menu and is entitled, Vertical, as captured in the attached image…
— see attached images for phase 1.

Phase 2:
1. Now select the type layer from the layer palette.
2. then click the Change text Orientation icon command upon the Options bar.
(Selecting the type itself is not necessary to change the orientation of the entire layer, that’s why it’s easier to just select the layer itself.)
see the attached image.

As you see in the attached image the orientation change the text from horizontal to vertical, this is the standard vertical orientation.

Now What if want to mix and match Vertical and Horizontal Orientation within a single type layer?
If you highlight a letter (or a number of letters) and tick the Orientation icon command again, it affects the entire phrase, and we don’t need that action to happen.
— see attached image for phase 2.

Phase 3:
The solution is in the Character Palette. If you are not already using it
Go to Window>Character Palette to view it.
Now To combine Vertical and Horizontal orientation of the entire layer:

1.Select the Character Palette menu command option.
2. From the context menu deselect Standard Vertical Roman Alignment. (See attached image for this step.

— see attached image for phase 3.

Phase 4:
Now it’s an easy to select individual letters or many letters as you may need, and adjust it back to Horizontal orientation or forward to Vertical orientation.

  1. Highlight a letter with the Type Tool.
    2. Select the Character Palette menu command icon.
    3. Again select the Standard Vertical Roman Alignment option to activate it for selected letter in step 1.

Phase 5:
Now as a final touching, you can align the letter with the rest of the phrase.

  1. Select all caps char option after selection your letter and keep it active.
    2. Then adjust the baseline shift for alignment.

— See my final Image attached.

Sure the above way could be achieved with making multiple text layers, but this way you maximize usability with options already available for you to use.

That’s it, hope you find it useful.
Until next time.
Have fun.