Photoshop Image Touch-Ups

Better Photos

You have an old photo that you want to be fixed, or maybe you want to get rid of some acne on your face. Whatever the reason is, Photoshop can touch up just about any image. There are more advanced techniques to use in Photoshop but I’m going to get you started with some simple touch ups.

First of all the easiest way to fix the lighting on your image is the auto features.

  1. Go to Image>Adjustments. You will see three different options for Auto such as auto levels, auto contrast, and auto color. You can click one or all three to see the effect it will have on your image. Sometimes this is all it takes to touch your image up. However, this doesn’t always get the job done because auto can over do it. If you are not satisfied then you can always go to Edit>Step Backward to undo any changes or click Ctrl>Alt>Z.

Now this step is something you can mess around with on your own.

  1. Go to Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast. Set the Brightness to 20 and the Contrast to 25. This sometimes does the trick and hits it right on the money. If not then don’t be worried and just slide the settings to get familiar with it.

One cool thing I like to do to some of my photos adds a different type of color to your image.

  1. Load your photo/image into Photoshop.
  2. Duplicate the layer of the image.
  3. Click on the duplicated layer and go to Images>Adjustments>Black & White. Press OK. ( if you have an older version of Photoshop and don’t have the b&w option then go to Images>Adjustments>Hue & Saturation and slide the Saturation all the way to the left. press OK )
  4. Now, still on your duplicated image, set the layer to Overlay. That’s it. I think this gives your image a cool little effect.

Now Let’s say you want to get rid of wrinkles on the skin.

  1. Select the blur tool and put it to an appropriate size to where you can go over the parts of the skin you want. Zoom in also .
  2. I’d set the strength of the blur tool down to 80-85 %.
  3. Now just go over the parts of the skin you want to be smoothed out. That’s what the blur tool does, simply smooth the area out.

Time to get rid of your blemishes.

  1. First, zoom in on the blemish you want to disappear.
  2. Click on the Clone Tool and set the size to just about the same size as your blemish.
  3. Hold down Alt and left click at the same time in an area around the blemish.
  4. Now just left click over the blemish.
  5. You will see the blemish disappear.

The reason you Alt>Left click at the same time around the blemish is to get a piece of the skin to go where the blemish is. The idea is to get the blemish to look like the surrounding area.

Well, that is it. Just a few simple techniques to help you touch up some photos. Now if you are advanced in using Photoshop you may already know these tips and not be satisfied but they may also help you also. They are mainly for beginners looking for some quick easy ways to touch up some images. Enjoy !