Photographing the Impossible? Use Photoshop to Make it Look Real

The Ultimate Adobe Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to combine multiple instances of a single object in one frame without it looking like a digitally manipulated photo at all! You can create some great effects by combining subjects of different sizes and perspectives. You can even make great posters and cards this way.

Step 1:

Apart from the subject, the rest of the frame is static. Setup your camera on a tripod to maintain a static frame. Then shoot the subject at various positions within the frame. Note that the exposure has to be consistent in all the shots. Using the manual mode is the best way to get uniform exposure, or else use the program mode with the ISO speed set to a fixed value. Avoid using flash.

Step 2:

Open all the images simultaneously in Photoshop. These will open in individual windows. You now have to select any image as the base and paste the other images as layers within it.

Bring the image to be pasted as a layer in the foreground by clicking its title bar
Press [Ctrl]+A to select the entire images and press
[Ctrl]+C to copy.
Bring the base image to foreground and press [Ctrl]+V to paste the image as a layer.
Similarly, paste the other images as layers in the base image.
The Layers tab should now have additional layers along with the background layer.

Step 3:

Hide all the layers except the background layer and an additional layer. The Eye icon to the left of each layer in the Layer tab indicates layer visibility. Clicking the Eye icon toggles visibility. With the additional layer selected, click the ‘Add Layer Mask’ button on the toolbar at the bottom of the Layers tab. The layer mask will show up as a white thumbnail to the right of the layer thumbnail. Select it by clicking on it.

Step 4:

Select the Brush Tool from the toolbar and set the brush diameter to 150 pixels. Set the foreground color to black. Now using the brush, paint the area where the subject is present in the background layer. The subject will gradually appear as you paint. Paint until the subject appears completely and then press [Ctrl]+E to merge the background and masked layers.

Step 5:

If you shot the subject at two positions, your job is done. Save the file in the desired format. But if you have shot the subject at more than two positions, then make one of the additional layers visible and follow from step 3 onwards.