Old Venice Effect in Photoshop

Today you are going to learn how to apply an old Venice effect using Photoshop. This effect is often used to make a photo look old, but have a different and unique look to it. I use this often for out of town vacation pictures and pictures of old buildings. This is a great and fun tutorial to learn so that you can make any photo look old and add more drama to your work.

Let’s get started on make your photos look old with the Venice effect in Photoshop.

Step one. The first thing that you need to do is to open your image that you want to apply the effect to in Photoshop. I like to use old buildings and things that are meant to have the old look to them. Some of my photos of recent things just don’t look too good when I make them look old. They seem like they are too fake if you know what I mean.

Step Two. Now you need to make a new layer in Photoshop, and fill the entire layer with the color that simulates the color of sepia photos. It does not have to be exact, as long as you get the same color. It looks like a yellowish brown if that makes sense.

Step Three. Now that you have the solid background, go to Filter, down to Noise, and over to Add Noise. You will want to keep the noise to around 3-4% depending on the quality of your image. After you have the desired amount of noise, click OK on the noise window, and we need to bring the effect down. So, on the keyboard, you can press Ctrl+Shift+F to bring up the window to fade the effect. Bring it down enough so that you just see the noise in the color.

Step Four. Now we need to a little bit of the Sponge effect to the image. To do this go to Filter, down to Artistic, and over to Sponge. Inside of the Sponge window, you will want to adjust the sponge effect to your liking and hit OK when you are done. Now you need to fade the effect by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F on the keyboard and fade the sponge effect so that you can see more of the noise than the sponge.

Step Five. This is where you need to find an image of a crinkled piece of paper. You can scan one if you can’t find one on the web, but open that image as a new layer in your Photoshop project. You need to then desaturate the image and set the opacity of the paper image to around 30-40%. You also need to set the blending option of the paper layer to Overlay.

Step Six. Now we are ready to see our image as an old photo. To do this move your image that you want to look old to the very top of your layers so that it is on top. Now all that you need to do is to change the blending mode of that image to Overlay. Now you should have a finished image that looks old and looks great.