Invisible Woman on Photoshop

Welcome to the new world of Photoshop. Now, with the Adobe Photoshop CS3, you can easily make a cool effect. How about make an invisible man effect? Well, everybody will wonder how can the woman be invisible while the clothes are still there? This effect is really cool, guess what? With following this Photoshop tutorial, you will be able to make this stuff.

Actually, making an invisible woman effect is not that hard. You only need to use few Photoshop CS3 tools like a Clone Stamp tool and paint bucket or gradient tool. You just need to give a little adjustment in the image. Here are the complete guides to make the invisible man effect.

  1. Open the image. If you are using an image with a solid background, it can be easier for you. However, if you are using a complicated background, you need to make a big adjustment on your images. For this tutorial, we will use an image with the solid background.
  2. After that, you can start to work on the image. You can use zoom tool by clicking Ctrl and + to see a bigger image. Start to try using Clone Stamp tools. Hold down Alt and click the area that you want to clone. You should use an area that becomes a background of the image. Then, you can start to erase the areas that far from the clothes. Try to erase the far area first and work later for the closer area. Believe me, it is not hard to do.
  3. After that, start to work for the area that closer to the image. You can work with zoom tool to view the bigger images. You need to be extra careful since if you make a mistake, the clothes will be also erased. Using smaller pixel point for the Clone Stamp tools can be a great idea. Ideally, you can use 3 to 5 pixels to get a better result. Erase the area that closer to the clothes with careful.
  4. After that, you need to make an adjustment for the body part that becomes one with the clothes. However, you still need to work with zoom image and Clone Stamp. Clone the clothes and make the body part becomes clothes.
  5. After that, you can use the selection tool to create an effect of inside area of clothes. Before adjustment, the area will be empty. You need to use the selection tool and fill it with paint bucket or gradient. In this tutorial, we will use gradient tool.
  6. Next, make sure every part of clothes is already given an inside effect. Use Gradient can be the easiest way. However, you can simply use paint bucket tool and give a shadow effect to gain the same effect. It is up to you.
  7. For the last touch. Work for the background! Make it softer. Here we go, our invisible woman!!