How to Make Text with Texture in Photoshop

Create Photoshop Text Effects

Design your own text effects with this eight-step Photoshop tutorial: How to Design a Natural Text Effect. Learn how to change basic text into a layered texture for every occasion. The tutorial explains layering in Photoshop, blending, adjusting images and how to use various selection tools. This Photoshop tutorial allows you to transform any style of text into something completely original and unique.

When following these Photoshop tutorial steps, play close attention to the settings in the diagrams. Follow all settings exactly and read the comments under the tutorial for added information and troubleshooting. I created the example in the photo in this article. It was my first attempt at using text with texture in Photoshop. Mine is similar to the one in the tutorial but I need more practice using textures and layers to perfect the process.

The first step takes you through choosing the background color and a favorite font. The instructions also contain a link where Photoshop users can download different types of fonts that are not standard in word processing programs.

The second step explains how to use Layer Blending in Photoshop. It explains the options of Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Color Overlay, Bevel and Emboss, and Contour.

The third step in the font design process is to place the text layer that has been created onto the palette. The image is then modified and expanded. Full instructions are given on how to do this and what the font image looks like at this point.

Step four offers a download of grass texture which the tutorial uses but any type of texture can be substituted for the grass, for example, stones, water, sky, fur, etc. The tutorial explains how to copy and paste the texture into a new Photoshop layer.

Step five describes how to blend the chosen texture with Hard Light and adjust the levels. The description also shows how to make a thicker texture by duplicating layers. This step also explains how to use the Eraser tool in Photoshop to erase areas where the text needs to be revealed.

Step six of the Photoshop text tutorial continues to add different textures to the image in order to produce the desired effect. Once again, the site also lists a site where textures are available for download. This step also makes use of the Photoshop Lasso tool and how to drag the images together to form the new image.

Step seven shows how to make adjustments using the Black and White adjustment in Photoshop and which settings should be applied. The use of the Filter, Brush Strokes, and Accent Edges are explained and how to apply them onto the duplicate layers. The final step in this process is to Overlay the text for a highlighted effect to the textures.

Step eight adds depth to the text image. The Photoshop tutorial shows how to use the free transform tool and change the shape of the text to the desired effect. The final step is to design a new layer using the Lasso tool for more image effects like clouds, rain, fog, etc. Curve adjustments and blending are also discussed for the final Photoshop text design.