How to Make a Vortex in Photoshop

Learn How to Make a Cool Vortex in Space Step by Step

Today I will be teaching you how to make a cool vortex that appears to be in outer space. The first step is to open up a new blank document in Photoshop. Keep in mind that this method will work in Photoshop 6.0 and above. Once you have your document opened up select the gradient tool from the toolbar. Now the next step is to set your foreground color to red and black. Once you have done this click and drag the gradient tool from left to write on the document. Now once you have done this go to Filter then Distort and click on Twirl. Once you are in the twirl tab we can start to create our vortex. I would suggest making the angle 399. Making the angle 399 will give the vortex and really cool spiral look to it. Once you have done this click OK. Once you have done this you should have the basic shape of your vortex. Now go to Filter then Stylize and then click on Wind. Once you are in the Wind tab we can start to make the vortex look a bit more realistic. While you are in the Wind tab select Stagger and then From the Right to get the desired effect. Click OK then you will notice the vortex now looks like it is sucking inward. This is a very cool effect that adds some life to the whole piece. In the next part of the lesson I will teach how you to make the vortex appear like is is in outer space.

You now have the basic shape and layout of your vortex at this point. But it will look a little boring. Make a new layer and then press D on your keyboard to set your foreground and background colors to default. Next select your gradient tool and click and drag from left to right on that layer. Once you have done this go to Filter Render and then click on Clouds.
After you add the clouds to the new layer press Control I on your keyboard to invert the the clouds. Keep in mind that you need to hold down the Control Key and then press I while you are holding down the Control Key. Now from this point press Control U on your keyboard to access the Hue and Saturation tab. Use the sliders on the Hue to select the color you want your clouds to be. You can use the sliders on the Saturation and Lightness to adjust the brightness of the clouds. Once you are happy with how your clouds look click OK. Now the last step is combining the clouds with the vortex. While you are on the layer where you created your clouds click on the drop down arrow and select screen as your blending mode. Once you do this you will notice your clouds have blended in with your vortex. But they still look to intense lower the Opacity to 82%. Now you should have a cool looking vortex with a space like cloudy look around it. If you want to make the whole piece look ever cooler you can add some stars with the shape tool or add a lens flare to add some extra life to the vortex. To add a lens flare go to Filter then Render and click Lens Flare. Make the brightness 87%. After this move the lens flare to the top left hand corner or where ever you wish to position it. I would also choose 50-300mm Zoom as the type of Lens Flare. Once you do this click OK and you should have a very cool looking vortex in space. I hope you enjoyed this lesson.