How to Make a Nav Bar in Photoshop

Learn How to Make a Cool Nav Bar in Photoshop

Today I will be teaching you how to make a cool nav bar in Photoshop. Keep in mind that you must be working in RGB mode so you can see all your colors correctly. To switch to RGB mode simply go to Image the Mode and the click on RGB mode. This lesson will work in Photoshop 6.0 and above. After this step make a new document any size you want. Once you have your document made select the shape tool from the toolbar. Change your foreground color to any color you want. Once you have selected your color click and drag with the shape tool with the rectangle shape then let go of the mouse. Now you will have the basic shape of your nav bar created. Now we can add some realism to the nav bar. Go to Layer then Layer Style then Bevel and Emboss on your top menu bar. Once you have done this you will be in the Bevel and Emboss tab. Make your Inner Bevel then make the depth 219%. After that make the size 13px and the technique Chisel Hard. This will give your nav bar a much more realistic look to it.

The next step in our lesson will be to make buttons for you nav bar. You can use the shape tool to drag them on different layers and then put them on your nav bar. I like to use the Rounded Rectangle Tool. Make sure you make your bottoms a color that is visible on your nav bar. For example, you could use black buttons on a nav bar that is blue. Then you can make the letters white and they will be easy to read. Keep in mind that making your nav bar easy to read is very important when it comes to its design. You can add a bevel and emboss effect to the buttons just like you did with you nav bar. But I would suggest an inner bevel for a cool effect on the buttons. This will make your nav bar more eye catching which is a really good thing to have. A nav bar should be easy to read and look good. Once you have your nav bar and buttons the way you want them to look you can upload the images to your website and then write HTML code to implement them into your website.