Has Photoshopping Models Gone Too Far? I Think So

There’s been a lot of talk in the fashion and publishing industry about some recent Photoshop images that have come to light, and it’s very concerning for both women, and yes – men, too.

Women in today’s society already struggle with self-esteem and are feed lots of conflicting information regarding sex, sexuality, and how they are supposed to look. Most guys will take a look at a magazine such as Maxim or Playboy and want a woman that looks like the woman on the cover that they can take to the bedroom, unwrap, and enjoy.

The reality is very different as many times the women on those covers do not even look in real life like they do after they’ve been Photoshopped. Women will look at them with envy, and many times not realize they the models would even love to look like the bikini-clad dream girl splashed on the pages of Maxim.

A couple of years ago I dated a woman that was a model in Europe, and she was absolutely gorgeous. She showed me a number of her pictures, and what was amazing is the amount of airbrushing and PhotoShop work they had done to her face, legs, hips, and boobs. You would think a woman that was paid to show her body would love the way she looked, but that could not be further from the truth. Instead, she worked out three hours a day trying to look good enough for the next shoot, so they would not have to touch up her photos as she found it insulting, and she felt unattractive.

It’s simply not possible for women to reach the level of outer beauty that the covers of these publications reflect, as the covers are not from “real” pictures. They’re doctored.

This also has an impact on the sex lives of both men and women. Women compare themselves to the models and do not feel beautiful enough, meanwhile, men want to find that stunning beauty and are constantly comparing the women in their life with the models they see. Men are attracted to shiny objects. Trust me.

The problem is we’ve allowed a level of beauty to be created that cannot be attained, and both women and men are suffering because of it. It’s simply not necessary. We live in a world full of stunningly beautiful people, so why is it so necessary to make them into something they are not? It’s hurting women, destroying their self-esteem, and makes young women feel they can never be “pretty enough”. It’s time we decide to let real beauty shine through, and let people feel good about who they really are.