Extract Photo’s in Photoshop

So you want to take an object out of one photo and put it in another photo using Photoshop. For instance you want to take your friend out of a photo taken in your kitchen and put them in a scene from the Grand Canyon. Whatever the reason being I’m going to show you how to take an object out of a photo or extract it. There is a few ways you can do this but I’m going to show you three ways so you can choose which one you like the best.

If you simply want to delete certain parts of the image then the magic wand tool may come in handy. You can click an area with the magic wand tool and it will select it with moving lines. You then can click delete and it will delete that specific area. Sometimes you can click around your object and it will go around the edge of it and if you click delete it will delete everything outside the selected area. The tricky thing about the magic wand tool you have to play around with it from time to time. Sometimes it doesn’t directly select the area you want and you have to click with the magic wand tool until you get it selected. This can be a hassle sometimes but it is worth a try because it turns out to work a lot of the time.
The polygonal lasso tool is my favorite tool when it comes to extracting objects out of my photos. You may prefer something else but this one works best for me. This tool is located under the selection tool in the Lasso section. Now this may take some skill or concentration but I don’t think its that hard. You simply go around your object with the tool. Click and it makes a point and then click and make another point and so on all around your image. Once you go all the way around and meet ends then you can simply click copy. Now you can go to your new image and paste it in and do what you like. This method may take a few tries but you get better with it over time.
The third tool I like to use is the actual extract tool. You can go to filter then to extract. Now a screen comes up with your photo in it. Zoom in to the object you want to extract until you see small squares. Take the brush tool and go around your object until you make the ends meet. The brush is going to be green and you can follow around the squares. Once complete you can click OK. Now you have your image and read to do whatever it is you want to do with it. You may want to put yourself in a photo in Greece or switch bodies with your girlfriend. Whatever you want to do these are three ways you can get it accomplished. You can have fun and use your imagination with these tools in Photoshop. Enjoy!