Creating Glowing Neon Text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will be showing you a simple and fast way to make the glowing neon text in Photoshop, all by only applying layer styles to text. This effect is meant to emulate those popular neon signs and window fixtures you see a lot in bars and such. So let’s get started then.

Open up Photoshop and start a new document (the shortcut for this is Ctrl + N), the image size is depending on how big your text is going to be and how much of is there is. For the sake of this tutorial, I will be using 400×150 with a black background, if your background is white just use the paint bucket tool to change it to black.

Now take your text tool and write out some text that you want to make neon, you can use any font although some will work better than others. The font I used was times new roman bold italic, and I scaled the size up as much as I could. A font with rounded edges would work the best, but I wanted to show the effect on a font that everyone has.

Once your text is written out, right-click on the text layer on your layers window and select blending options.

Select drop shadow, and set the color to the color of your neon you want. Reduce the opacity to 50%, set the distance to 6 px, the spread to 14 px, and the size to 8 px.

Move down to the next option which is an inner shadow, set the blending mode to normal and set the color to a darker shade of the color you used for the drop shadow and reduce the opacity to 40%. Then set the distance, choke and size all to 8 px.

Under that select outer glow, and put the opacity up to 100%. Then set the glow color to the color you used for the inner shadow and increase the element size to 16 px.

Select inner glow and set the blend mode to normal and reduce the opacity to 25%. Set the glow color to the color you used for your drop shadow. Then set the technique to precise and increase the size to 13 px or so.

Now select bevel and emboss, set the style to stroke emboss and set the size to 2 px. Increase the highlight opacity to 100% and set the shadow color to the color used for inner glow and drop shadow then reduce the opacity to 25%.

Move down one spot to satin, and set the color to the color used previously and set the opacity at 50%. Then set the distance to 11 px and the size to 14 px.

Finally, select stroke. Then set the size to 2 px and the position to inside. Then for the fill type, we want to use a gradient, make a gradient that is a using one of the previous colors and set that color at 0% and 100% on the gradient and then put white at the 50% mark.