Create Your Own Bebo Skins with Photoshop

We all know that Bebo is one of the famous social networking sites but what most of us do not know is that we can create our own personal Bebo skins with backgrounds and other stylish headers and footers. These attractive elements cover most of the space in our profile page providing an environment to showcase our ability to innovate. There is an application which can be used to create our own Bebo skins. Simply follow the given steps to learn to create your own Bebo skins with Photoshop.

Before creating a skin, we should know the different parts that make up a skin. There are totally seven parts namely top module header, top module background, module header, module footer, info bar footer, author’s badge and page background. Each of these parts adds a specific functionality to the skin. As a matter of fact, the top module header is a part that is displayed at the topmost portion of the page. The module header and footer are displayed at the top and bottom of each module respectively. If there is a need to check it out with your own eyes, then go and check Bebo’s skin tutorials page.

Use software like Photoshop to create seven different files which contain the graphics for the seven section of the skin. Create the files with the following resolutions:

Top module header

760 wide X 40 high
Top module background

760 wide X 375 high
Module header

375 wide X 44 high
Module footer

375 wide X 50 high
Info bar footer

190 wide X 15 high
Author’s badge

190 wide X 40 high
Page background

any size

In each of these individual files, use different tools available in the toolbox and bring out your own creative art. If you are new to the software, then do some research about the photo editor on the internet or use the inbuilt help facility and accomplish your goal of portraying your creation.

Care has to be taken in designing the page background since this is the main part that influences the skin to the most. There are different styles available to display the background. For instance, you can center the background or you can left align it or you can also make the image repeat itself. It’s just like the background option available in windows.

Save all the files that have been created thus far with proper extensions. Be aware that we can use only specific extensions like JPG, GIF, PNG, etc. Also, the size of each file should lie within the specified limit. These limits are specified in Bebo site.

Now you have successfully created all that is necessary for your new skin. All that you have to do now is to upload your new skin. To do this, log into your Bebo account and click change skins. Now click my skins -> Add a new skin. Now provide all the necessary information and upload the images in the respective section.