Blogs to Feed Your Photoshop Addiction

Five Sites to Appease All of Your Photoshop Needs

I can say without shame that I’m a Photoshop geek. That’s right, I love to take a photo and turn it into something else, add textures, make my own brushes, slap my name on it and stick it online. What can I say? My husband may think I’m crazy, but over the years I’ve built a nice little portfolio of my work online and have even sold some of my designs on sites like Zazzle. As someone who’s constantly learning the Photoshop trade, I make it my business to learn as much as I can. That’s where blogs come in.

You’ll find thousands of sites out there devoted to Photoshop, but some of the best are ones with blogs that will keep you informed and updated. It is my pleasure to share with you the top five Photoshop blogs on the web.

My favorite one of all is . This is a fantastic site that offers both free and paid for Photoshop Tutorials, the majority of them being free. From making a grunge poster to an Antarctic ice frog, this site has got you covered with easy to follow tutorials.

Second up is Lost And Taken. I can’t help it, this is just one of those blogs that draw you in with the glimmer of free textures and tutorials. As a Photoshop fanatic, I can’t deny that I drool a little at the prospect of free textures to use in my work. Lost and Taken feeds my texture addiction. .

The Official Blog Of Colin Smith is an offshoot of Colin’s website Photoshop Café. I don’t imagine there’s many Photoshoppers out there who don’t frequent this site to participate in their forums, or their yearly contests often worth near $20,000 in prizes such as pen tablets, software, and other Photoshop gear. Visit Colon’s blog at .

Another blog I frequent is Photoshop Help. Like the name says, it’s there to help in your daily Photoshop needs, whether it’s inspiration, free textures or brushes, the best tutorials on the web, or even links to other help sites. This blog often directs me to interesting tutorials or shows me where to get those textures and brushes I didn’t know I needed. Check it out at .

Finally, I’d like to share with you the Vandelay Design Blog. This is yet another mouthwatering blog, full of free tutorials aimed at making you the Photoshop genius that we all know you can be. This Blog also delivers plenty of design inspiration to get those creative juices flowing when you’ve hit a creative brick wall, and every once in a while even aims you towards some free resources on the net. You can’t go wrong with Vandelay at .